1. Dog feces can transmit:small, whipworm, roundworm, hookworm, etc. So spec owners should clean up their dogs’ feces.

When you take your dog out, are you often frustrated trying to clean up poop?

Now don’t worry, Bevis high quality toilets make it easy to clean up after your dog when you go out. bb, just one clip and throw, everything is done

If the dog BB, put the paper towel that comes in the little box over it and clip it with the toilet, OK, job over in three seconds!

Get one for the dog and one for you, or one for the whole environment!

6 pet poop picker easy to clean up the dog BB


Pet Poop Pickup Bag/Waste Container Quick Hang

Specification: unknown

Product Description: Fine craftsmanship and fine choice of materials! Bone type, a roll of garbage bags, can be directly hung on the leash. Can be installed in the garbage bag box on the tow rope or used separately. Quickly hangs on the tow rope for decorative purposes.

Reference price: $6.80

6 pet poop picker easy to clean up the dog BB


Premium thickened plastic pet poop picker/poop trap Poop picker

Specification: Net weight: 200g Length: 16cm Width: 10cm Height: 14cm without hand

Product Description: Thickened material with paper towel sandwich function. It is convenient for the owner to clean up the dog’s feces. When using it, you can easily cover the paper towel on the side of the toilet and then grab and discard it with the toilet. There is no garbage can around, so you can store it in the box temporarily without missing it and without smell.

1. Clean and hygienic, with the owner’s hands not touching the pet’s feces at all.

2. No need to clean, convenient! Hygienic!

3. Carrying handle, easy for the owner to carry.

Reference price: $7.80

6 pet poop picker easy to clean up the dog BB


Pet Scavenger Bag Biodegradable Pet Waste Bag/Litter Bag/Toilet

Specification:155X255mm 100/box300g gross weight

Product Description:Pet bag/pet waste bag, green color is with corn starch added, so it is more environmental friendly. Another peach colored poop bag with fragrance, smells good. You can choose freely.

Reference price: $7.50

6 pet poop picker easy to clean up the dog BB


New style poop picker with pick-up bag

Specification: unknown

Product Description: Made of high quality raw materials, exquisite craftsmanship, strong durability, with small bone-shaped poop pick-up bag organizer

Pet excrement is easy to clean up, and the small bones can be carried separately, bolted to your pet’s leash, or used with a toilet.

Reference price: $26.00

6 pet poop picker easy to clean up the dog BB


Portable advanced poop picker

Specification: unknown

Product Description:Built-in paper towel/trash bag can hang traction belt, beautiful shape, good quality, convenient and fashionable to carry at any time.

Reference price: $13.00

6 pet poop picker easy to clean up the dog BB


Pet Poop Picker

Specification: about 18.5*16*10cm

Product Description: Convenient and practical pet toilet If your dog meets BB when you are out and about you can use him to store and pick up feces, clean and convenient, will not dirty the owner, and good to avoid environmental pollution, a good quality performance of the owner. Beautiful appearance, easy to carry and clean, but also have a tissue box Oh!

Reference price: $13.00

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