Spring and summer clothes – cute pet physique pants set

We all know that women have physiological periods, but bitches do! The physiological period of female dogs is once every six months and twice a year. If you don’t want to give birth, avoid contact with other male dogs for 1-2 weeks after the physiological period. But day and night defense is also very troublesome, at this time if the female dog wears pet physiological pants, it would be perfect. And wearing pet physiological pants can also avoid the dog physiological period dirty home, two birds with one stone! Here are some chic and cute pet physiological pants to see if they are right for you.


NO.1 Spring/Summer Wear – Cute Pet Physique Pants Set

Material: cotton single-sided fabric, waterproof PU material

Specification: M size

Product Description: The fabric is made of cotton single-sided fabric, including the cute skirt and physique pants. The classic skirt design with the girl’s logo print makes the whole outfit look high-class and beautiful. The comfortable fit of the raw pants can better avoid bacterial infection. There is also a layer of waterproof PU material, which can prevent the dog from getting wet pants. The skirt is hemmed with high elastic silk lock. The cute dot print on the fabric is equally cute and stylish even when worn outside, and the skirt and pants can be matched and split.

Reference price: $82.00>


Seasonal wear – cute backpack pet physique pants


NO.2 Four Seasons Wear – Cute Backpack Pet Physique Pants

Material: cotton single-sided fabric, waterproof PU material

Specification: M size

Product Description:Cotton single-sided fabric is comfortable and snug, which can better avoid bacterial infection. The waist has like tendons to adjust the tightening, and the pants have Velcro on both sides to make it easier to wear. The inner layer of the pants also carefully added a waterproof layer of PU material, which can prevent the dog from getting wet pants. The lovely print on the fabric is cute and stylish even when worn outside. The physique pants can also be a popular costume for dogs, making your dog very eye-catching and keeping a stylish touch both outdoors and indoors.

Reference Price: $82.00


Striped Pet Physique Pants Dress


NO.3 Striped Pet Physique Pants Skirt

Material: cotton

Specification: waist 36cm

Product Description: Baby dogs need your care even in extraordinary times! Cotton fabric, thoughtful care, extra-long velcro paper design to prevent shedding! When babies go into heat after their period, take them out with this physique pants skirt to keep the rogues at bay!

Reference Price: $10.00


Small bee removable dog physiological pants


NO. Little Bee Removable Dog Physiological Pants

Material: cotton

Specification: waist 19-26CM

Product Description: Beautiful and practical physiological pants for export to Japan, the pants can be padded with feminine hygiene pads to absorb the dog’s secretions. The pants come with removable straps, which are easy to wear and easy to use. With a pair of practical pants like these, you won’t have to worry when your baby is physiologically active!

Reference price: $20.00>


Big Red Back Breathable Mesh Physiological Pants

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NO.5 Big Red Back Breathable Mesh Physique Pants

Material: cotton

Specifications: waist circumference about 20cm-36cm, file length about 18cm

Product description: cotton texture, comfortable for dogs to wear, waistband and sticky buckle design can be adjusted according to the dog’s fat and thin, is necessary for dogs and cats in heat; at the same time can prevent home dirty, go out to play to prevent puppy harassment; some little guys at home, can also wear, go out, so that the dog to develop a good habit of not urinating at home! >

Reference price: $16.00>

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