Wearing a mask protects dogs from influenza A

Now that influenza A is rampant, not only people but also dogs are being attacked by influenza A. On November 29, the Ministry of Health announced that HINI virus was also found in dogs. To prevent dogs from getting influenza A, it is important not only to keep warm but also to wear a muzzle outside to build a line of defense for them.


If a dog goes to public places where people gather and air circulation is poor, it should wear a muzzle to keep out germs. However, when muzzling your dog, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the muzzle and clean and replace it in time. Also, only cotton muzzles can provide the proper filtration.

Japan HOTTA Dog Mouthpiece

Dogs are not the same as people. Some dogs will react with some resistance when wearing the muzzle. To prevent the muzzle from slipping off, owners can put a muzzle on their dog before they put it on. The muzzle not only can fix the dog’s mouth to prevent them from moving, but also can prevent the dog from accidentally injuring people, which is a necessary tool for civilized dog walking. Let’s introduce two special muzzles for dogs.


Japanese HOTTA Dog Muzzle

This dog muzzle is super kawaii in shape. At the same time, the fabric is made of high-quality nylon, which is thick, soft and breathable. It is firm and uses double adjustment of mouth width and neck circumference to ensure stable wearing on the dog’s mouth.

Reference price: $35>


Cowhide Muzzle


Cowhide Muzzle

This dog muzzle is made of genuine cowhide leather, and the leather is also good for protecting your dog’s skin. And the front hollow design is breathable. The dog wears it without discomfort when breathing.

Reference price: $24>


Personality muzzle: Skull and crossbones black muzzle

After you have chosen a muzzle for your dog, you should choose a nice muzzle for them. There are various muzzles available in the market nowadays. As long as you choose a cotton texture, you can change the shape of the muzzle as much as you want. Here are five muzzles with different styles and distinctive features. Get one for your dog!

alt=”F:Original Muzzle.jpg” />

src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/233663170551869134.jpg” />

Personalized models

Skull and crossbones black mask

A cotton texture that lives up to the title of a muzzle, with rows of big teeth to make your dog bring an off-the-wall explosion! The return rate is sure to be 100%.

Reference price: $16>


Couple masks:Male and female symbols red couple masks


Couple model

Red couple masks

Can you imagine what a beautiful sight it would be if you and your dog wore a couple’s muzzle when you go out on the street! This couple muzzle is introduced to brave dog owners… in fact, it takes courage for a dog to wear a couple muzzle!

Reference price:$6/each


Kawaii masks: animated fabric masks


Kawaii model

Animated fabric masks

With these two masks, you’re sure to make your pet baby more Q and kawaii. The bear and pig motifs are full of innocence, perfect for a dog’s age! >

Reference price: $8.90


Health masks: bamboo charcoal masks

alt=”Original masks.jpg” />

src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/395569637875947454.jpg” />

Health care models

Bamboo charcoal mask

Carbon containing bamboo fiber mask, with carbon containing bamboo fiber fabric as the inner layer, has natural warmth, sweat absorption, breathability, far infrared, negative ions, windproof and dustproof, protects the respiratory system and promotes facial blood circulation! It is healthier than ordinary masks.

Reference price: $5.8>


Plain mask

Cool Pet Glasses Make Dogs Cool

Plain model

If you don’t want your dog to be too public, you can also go for the most understated, plain masks. If you choose one of these muzzles, the comfort of the fabric is the number one factor in the purchase! These muzzles are cotton, soft, and comfortable for your dog to wear! >

Reference price: $11>

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