Rabbit Ears Doghouse

5 Best dog kennels

I. Cute rabbit style: small rabbit ears doghouse

Rabbit Ears

Pink, gray, brown

[Applicable objects] Small and medium dogs

[Kennel Size] 30*23*23

[Kennel Material] Coral fleece, black non-woven, 2cm sponge, the cushion is not separate~

[Ark Review]

The rabbit ears are really cute. ~Wash standard complete. The design is new and the workmanship is definitely advanced. The high fiber surface is smooth and soft, and the inner layer of high-grade sea cotton is warm and comfortable, easy to clean. qq, feel very slippery. Babies, the nest is a good choice. The nest can be hand washed or machine washed with confidence. It will never be deformed or flattened after washing. Gently patted to restore the original fluffy look! The nest dries easily and conveniently too!

Bow Tie Yurt Doghouse

Yurt doghouse bow

2. Aristocratic court style: bow yurt doghouse

[Brand] Bow Tie

Yellow White

[Applicable objects] For dogs under 6 kg Cats under 8 kg

Width 40 Size】Width 40CM Depth 38CM Height 40CM

【Ark Review】

The bow has been one of the hottest elements in recent years. The design of this yurt improves warmth. There is a zipper on the back that can be opened for easy cleaning and storage. It’s full of thick cashmere, soft, cozy and warm! The bottom cushion can be washed separately ~ it can also be folded and stored when not in use, not taking up much space.

Strawberry Pet Sleeping Nest

Strawberry Pet Sleeping Nest

3. Strawberry Sweet Breeze: Strawberry Pet Sleeping Nest

[Brand] pet paradise


[Applicable objects] Small and medium-sized dogs

40. x the height of about 40cm in diameter

[Kennel Material] 100% Polyester

95% cotton, 5% spandex

[Ark Review]

The original authentic, pet paradise, strawberry pet nest is cute and has a great texture. pet paradise The annual classic to come. Very cute and charming. It’s really super cute ~ even without pets you can buy at home. Even the editor himself wants to live in it oh.

Comfortable and casual style: cute high-grade velvet cotton pet kennel

Cute Premium Fleece Sleeping Nest

Cute premium fleece sleeping nest

4. Comfortable and casual style: cute high-grade fleece cotton pet kennel

[Brand] angel looks

Blue Yellow

Cat, dog

[Kennel Size]

M W37cm*D33cm*H32cm

L W44cm*D38cm*H37cm

Deerskin velvet Premium sponge Premium pp cotton

[Ark Review]

Korean brand pet products, original foreign trade orders. Korean logo, washing logo complete. New design and absolutely advanced technology. The suede design is smooth and soft, the inner layer of high grade sponge is warm and comfortable, easy to clean. qq, feels very slippery. This product can be placed directly in the laundry bag and put on the machine do not throw the machine. Dry it naturally and restore the look with a pat!

Hilarious Cool Breeze: Cute Halloween Pumpkin Hut

New dog teeth cleaning ball for the big hit

Halloween Pumpkin Cabin Cuteness

5. Funny Cool Style: Cute Halloween Halloween Pumpkin Hut


Yellow Brown

[Kennel size] 48 x deep 36 x width of 43 cm

[Kennel Material]

Fabric: 100% polyester

Inner filling: polyurethane foam:

[Ark Review]

Halloween is a hot topic these days, and you can choose this one if you like funny style MM. The little monster is a little alarm clock, and the pumpkin can make a sound. The bat has a glossy finish and the My House nameplate is reversible. You can reapply pumpkin and bat Velcro stickers on the doghouse. With cord outlet hole and removable velcro bottom pad.

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