Today we have recommended four dog raincoats for you, hoping to help you make a better choice when buying.

Easy to wear – dog poncho

Dog poncho

1 Dog poncho

Brand: MO YUAN

Reference price: $49-69

Color: yellow, blue, red

Size: M-medium

Material: waterproof breathable layer

Editor’s Note: This raincoat is affordable and comes in various colors for buyers. You won’t have to worry about your dog bumping clothes with other dogs. And this raincoat comes with a dog leash around the neck for owners to walk their dogs.

This raincoat is more with ten convenient night walks. In addition, the raincoat is easy to put on with Velcro. The raincoat comes with an elastic cord to secure the tail, which prevents the dog from falling off during exercise.

Waterproof Standout – Reflective Printed Nylon 4-Legged Raincoat

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2 Reflective printed nylon four-legged raincoat


Reference price: $105

Color: red, apricot

Size: XS-3XL

Material: nylon face fabric, cotton lining

Editor’s comment: The raincoat face fabric is made of high-quality nylon, and the cotton lining is waterproof. The buckles are designed with two-way clips, and the cuffs are equipped with rubber bands and Velcro for adjustable tightness. The rope hole at the notable addition of a rain blocking pad can better prevent the raincoat into the water. So this raincoat is more expensive. This raincoat has two reflective strips on the back, combined with the reflective print on the back leg, making the clothes more visible at night. Even if you get lost in the rain, it is easier to see your


Breathable and comfortable – Eske Pet Poncho

Eske Pet Rain Poncho

3 Esko pet rain poncho

Brand: ASUKU, Japan

Reference price: $45

Color: champagne pink, champagne green

Size: full-size specifications, the most significant golden hair size 12 can wear

Material: high-grade waterproof fabric with an internal mesh partition

Editor’s comment: This raincoat is medium-priced and has a mesh partition to help dissipate heat. This raincoat has reflective strips, so it’s safe even for nighttime walks. The neck also has

dog leash

perforations for easy leash carry.


Green coating, breathable and comfortable, safe and non-toxic, will not cause skin diseases in pets.

Four Leg Thin – Thin Dog Raincoat

Four Legged Thin Dog Raincoat

4 Thin dog raincoat

Brand: MO YUAN

Reference price: $9.90

Color: pink

Size: back length 25CM/30CM/34CM

Material: waterproof cloth

Minor comment: This raincoat is a thin raincoat, perfect for spring and summer. The price is cheap, but unfortunately, there is only a pink option, and male dogs can only be discouraged. Because the raincoat is four-legged, the back is the correct length.

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