DRINKWELL Pet Portable Drinker

3 Specialized Drinkers

NO.1 Pet Portable Drinker

Specifications: Overall length is about 25 cm, including the water bottle is 22 cm long CM holds about 500 ML of water.


Product description: Made of high quality edible plastic, easy to use. When in use, the bottle is broken into the sink for water supply. When not in use, the bottle can be rotated and placed in the sink.

Reference price: $10.00>

Small comment: Travel essential travel water bottle, don’t let your beloved baby run out of water Oh, clean and hygienic water source can also prevent your baby from accidentally eating dirty water from the roadside! Perfect for dog-sledding, excursions and more.



3 Specialty Drinkers

NO.2 Pet Portable Drinker

Specifications: Appearance 28.5*23*18 cm. The maximum water storage capacity is 50oz, about 1400ml.


Product Description: In addition to retaining the benefits of the existing Platinum model, the new generation of Platinum filtered water electric water dispenser greatly improves on the instability of the first generation motor. DRINKWELL it is the only patented mobile living water dispenser in the United States and is the world’s popular pet water dispenser. The unique fountain design injects more oxygenated living water, fresher and sweeter.

Reference price: $466.00>

Editor’s note: This electric water dispenser sprays water from the nozzle to the bowl like a fountain. It removes food particles, hair, chlorine and odors by constantly filtering recycled water and freezing freshness through activated carbon. The fountain is designed to attract dogs and cats to drink. Because they instinctively know it is fresher than the water they normally drink. So parents don’t have to worry that their children won’t use this excellent water fountain.


IRIS Pet Portable Water Dispenser

Enjoying life: sharing music with your pet

NO.3 Pet Portable Drinker

Specification: 275×350×347h mm

Brand: Japan Iris IRIS

Product Description: This product is of high quality: made of PP resin, safe, non-toxic and tasteless; exquisite and beautiful workmanship, very easy to disassemble and combine; can use 5000ml 28mm outside diameter pet drinking bottle, food storage of about 1.5kg.

Reference price: $61.95>

Small comment: This water supply appliance has an overbrake prevention device that effectively prevents food and drinking water from spilling, with food and water reduction features that give your pet a completely enjoyable life.

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