Ear mites

St. Luv’s Ear Mite Exterminator Spray

This product can effectively treat scaling, itching, hematoma, scab, inflammation caused by ear mites; it is effective for acute and chronic otitis externa, otitis media, ear itching and ear odor caused by bacteria, fungi and parasites; it can effectively soften and remove ear wax.

Steps and precautions for cleaning the ear canal

Step 1: Clean your dog’s outer ear and ear canal with St. Luv’s Professional Pet Cleaner. Distance cleaning the ears. Spray the edges of the ears and outer ear canal to 10-15 cm and then gently clean with a cotton ball.

Step 2:Rotate the ear mite mite spray nose 90 degrees.

Step 3:Grasp the dog’s head with one hand and turn up the hanging ear with the other hand and press it backwards. At the same time, spray the bottle near the ear hole and press the ear canal 2-3 times.

Note: The snout mist is spaced 15-30 cm apart, enough to evenly and comfortably sprinkle the spray around the ear canal; it is not necessary to push the snout deeper into the ear canal to prevent injury to the inner ear wall and eardrum. If there is inflammation, hematoma or other trauma in the dog’s ear, the dog will have a strong stinging sensation for 10-15 seconds. When spraying, you need to fix the dog’s head and body, and muzzle the dog to prevent irritability and hoarseness, and ask your vet for help if necessary.

Step 4: After spraying both ears, cover the dog’s ears with both hands, grasp the dog’s head without letting the dog’s head shake, and carefully massage the dog with your palms for 2 to 3 minutes. After massaging, let go of the dog’s head. Some dogs will throw their ears, throwing away the excess liquid that condenses into drops in the ear canal and does not need to be dried.


External use:Daily use 1~2 Two is to increase the frequency of use according to the actual situation. St. Luvvie is used according to these instructions. EAR MAX Ear Mite relieves symptoms in 5-7 days; disappears in 7-15 days; may take longer if condition is particularly severe. Ear mites in dogs are a particularly recurring condition and it is recommended that they be used for 30 to 45 days after symptoms have disappeared.


Ear mites

Aloe Vera Ear Mite Removal Drops for Hachshunds

This product kills ear mites by direct contact and contains aloe vera to care for irritated skin in the ear and relieve the dog of mites. The symptoms of ear mites in dogs are frequent head shaking and eye scratching. Ear mites parasitize the animal’s ear canal and gradually produce brown waxy fragments. If you place these fragments on a black surface and look closely, you can see small white specks moving around, which are the mites. Precautions before use: If used improperly, this product is harmful to humans and animals. Avoid inhaling gas, swallowing and contact with eyes. Rinse with water when in contact with animal’s eyes. Do not feed animals with meat or milk. Use of any insecticide can cause sensitivity in pets. If symptoms of sensitivity occur, bathe with neutral soap and plenty of water. If symptoms persist, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Recommended dosage:Use 4-5 drops per day per ear for 5-15 lbs, 5-10 drops for 16-30 lbs, and 10-15 drops for 30 lbs or more. Depending on conditions, this product can be used for 7-10 days per tube volume of 100 drops, or two weeks continuously if necessary.

Caution:Do not use on dogs less than 12 weeks old. Consult your veterinarian for dogs used for fatigue, old age, pregnancy, infants, or medication.


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AKC Ear Mite Oil Spray Imported from USA

Conforms to the United States Department of Agriculture USDA H1 standard, Canadian Food Inspection Agency CFIA n USDA standard USDA 3H standard for 100% effective, safe, non-toxic food-grade materials with 100% safe food pole material and a more convenient nozzle design. This product asphyxiates death, is anti-inflammatory and deodorizing, and quickly blocks the ear mite breathing holes.

Usage:Clean your dog’s ears, spray 2-3 times. Use one course of treatment every three days, one course of treatment for three days, four courses of treatment in total.

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