This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays were definitely the most convoluted and classic of the year. We are starting to worry about the holiday schedule for Mid-Autumn Festival 2010. Do we want to go out and have fun? Let’s take a look at the national schedule for Mid-Autumn Festival 2010:



State on 2010 Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Schedule

However you choose to arrange your 2010 Mid-Autumn Festival, don’t forget to prepare a healthy and thoughtful Mid-Autumn Festival pay banquet for your baby.

Preparing Mid-Autumn Mooncakes for your dog? This is indeed a good note, but regular mooncakes tend to contain more fat and sugar, and even chocolate and other ingredients that are contraindicated for pets, which can have adverse effects on their health. In past years, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, many vet hospitals received pets with food poisoning, allergies and diarrhea caused by greedy mooncakes. Such results owners are often caught in a dilemma. One pet lover commented online that pets also want the bright moon, family and reunion. They should also provide mooncakes, dog mooncakes, cat mooncakes and bird mooncakes for themselves …… So, are there any delicious and healthy mooncakes developed specifically for pets? The following healthy and stylish mooncakes for dogs might be a good choice:

Recommendation NO.4: Hagar Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Pack for Dogs with Four Flavors

Healthy Pet Mooncakes


Trade name:Hagar Mid-Autumn Dog Four Flavor Mooncake Gift Pack

Brand: Korea Haggar Hug.Darling

Specification: 85g

Reference price: $10

Review: This dog mooncake gift pack comes in four flavors: beef lotus paste flavor, chicken green tea yogurt flavor, goat milk custard flavor with jam, and beef cheese flavor. Obviously, the ingredients are selected from the dog edible and very favorite ingredients, health and delicious both perfect balance. The gorgeous packaging and beautiful shape, not to mention the dog, I believe that as the owner you can not help but to move your fingers.


Recommendation NO.3:Ristorante Chicken Breast Pizzas

Healthy Pet Mooncakes


Trade name: Lakewood Multi Chicken Breast Pizzas

Brand:Have a lot of fun in Australia

Specification: 100g

Reference price: $16

Editor’s Note: This alternative Western-style mooncake is made from fresh fruit and fresh chicken, using Australia’s most advanced low-temperature, low-pressure drying technology. It maximizes the nutrition of the ingredients and is tougher and more chewy, which is in keeping with the dog’s natural tendency to bite and chew.


Recommendation NO.2: DeliHouse Pet Cheese Mooncake

Healthy Pet Mooncakes


Trade name: DeliHouse Pet Cheese Mooncake

Brand: DeliHouse

Specification: 200g

Reference price: $20

Editor’s Note: DeliHouse’s dog mooncakes are made with premium cheese. The cheese is rich in protein and vitamin A / E. Trace elements such as riboflavin, niacin, iron, zinc and calcium can give dogs calcium, regulate the balance of gastrointestinal tract bacteria, and have hairdressing effects. It is a healthy and low-fat dog food. Finally, I have to remind pet owners that excessive intake of cheese products may cause constipation in dogs, so I recommend not feeding more than 3 times a day.  >


Recommendation NO.1:Handmade Healthy Dog Mooncakes 

[St. Bernard Dog Price] _St. Bernard Dog Price Survey Across the Country


Trade name: handmade dog mooncake

Brand: Q Pet Bar

Specification: 100g

Reference price: 4-5 yuan

Editor’s comment: If you are not sure about the manufacturer’s mooncakes, I suggest you choose this handmade dog mooncake. The chef was careful to forgo the salad oil and granulated sugar components of traditional mooncake fillings that are so taxing on dogs’ bodies. This mooncake filling made from fresh animal meat, liver and vegetables is low in oil, sugar-free, easy to digest and absorb, and has a great taste and no preservatives, making it ideal for dogs. Dog mooncakes are available in four flavors: chicken pumpkin, pork groundnut, beef potato, beef liver carrot, and fresh boiled egg yolk can be added as required by your own needs. I suggest that you can feed it as a snack during the Mid-Autumn Festival, no more than 100 grams per 10 kilograms of body weight.

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