FOR DOG wedding dress/suit

Therefore, the dog’s clothes are also necessary for addition to beauty. Here is a set of poodle clothing. Poodles have a regal demeanor and a beautiful appearance. How can they not deserve their clothes? This way, people can wear not only their favorite fancy clothes but also their baby dogs!


NO.1 FOR DOG wedding dress/suit white

Garment Description: Double-layer fabric design with high-density cotton exterior material and cotton interior material. 2009 latest winter clothing, this is a very sophisticated white dress, classic suit design, a back fork can reflect the tuxedo gentleman elegant feeling, exquisite design back buckle, wear it, the dog’s world, your baby, is Prince Charming.

Reference price: $68.00

lovable dog 09 baseball jacket winter cotton jacket


NO.2 adorable dog 09 model baseball jacket winter cotton jacket big red

Garment Description: Lovely baseball jacket with absolutely superb fabric and craftsmanship. The inner lining is quite delicate and imported cotton. Shoulder cloth is white PU leather, back applique case. Wearing shows your baby’s noble temperament, and visiting friends and relatives is a must!

Reference price: $48.00

ISPET Classic Fashion Dog Sweater


NO.3 ISPET Spring and Autumn Clothing – Classic Fashion Dog Sweater Green

Garment Description: Classic Fashion Color Star Pet Sweater – Made of cotton sweater fabric for good warmth, the fabric color is specially tailored to combine with green. The designer’s description of spring is perfectly reflected in the hat, which is made of the classic far-point black and white ding. On the back of the clothes, there are 2 humanized pockets added to make the clothing feel closer to the human sweater design, perfectly reflecting the concept of simple fashion, a perfect combination of fashion and cute.

Reference price: $55.00 – $61.00

Japanese Original Maru Goma Dolphin Skirt


NO.4 Japan Original Maru Goma Dolphin Dress Pink, Sky Blue

Costume Introduction: Japanese brand name pet costume まるゴマ, new style, and comfortable fabric. Double layer skirt, wear very fluffy, baby walking will sway, super cute!

Reference price: $49.00

SimplyDog Black Applique Diamond Beauty Dress


NO.5 SimplyDog Black Applique Diamond Beauty Dress Black

Costume Description: Made of pure cotton, the back of the dress is all gold diamonds and handsome. Must be a beautiful star in the sun.

Reference Price: $13.00


Four-legged tiger coat


NO.6 Four-legged tiger coat yellow black

Costume Description: A very three-dimensional tiger variant costume. The entire fleece fabric feels comfortable and snug. The dress is double-layered for winter!

Reference price: $32.007

Bei Favour red water jade polka dot hooded cotton jacket


NO.7 Beiyao red water jade polka dot hooded cotton jacket red

Costume Description: Big red girl dressed up with a ruffle lace hat. The dress is double-layered with sandwich cotton. Suitable for winter wear!

Reference price: $29.008

Juicy Couture Leggings


NO.8 Juicy Couture Jumpsuit Pink

Garment Description: Velvet material, excellent hand feel, comfortable to wear. The unique waistband, tightened and relaxed at will, is more suitable for each baby’s body shape.

Reference price: $75.009

Dog school uniform skirt


NO.9 Dog school uniform skirt

Garment description: Material is cotton, cute embroidery and beautiful red bow tie add a lot of color to the clothes, is super cute baby dress up necessary fashion clothes.

Reference price: $28.00

ISPET Spring and Autumn Clothing – Classic European Plaid Pet Jacket

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NO.10 ISPET Spring and Autumn Wear – Classic European Plaid Pet Jacket Pink Blue

Garment Description: The outer layer is made of high-grade plaid cotton fabric, which makes the clothes full of European style. Add a flat velvet fabric belt at the waist to better reflect your dog’s perfect figure. A lovely bow on the back to enhance the analysis of fashion. The whole dress is exquisite, beautiful, and elegant, making your dog stand out among many pet dogs. It is eye-catching both outdoor and indoor; keep the fashionable touch, let your pet have the most fashionable clothes as you do, feel the fashion with you…

Reference price: $72.00 – $75.00

Look, these dog clothes are not very fashionable and noble, they look very comfortable, and you don’t have to spend a high price to choose a good set of clothes for your baby!

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