We often see dogs wearing a collar when we go out; wearing a collar is very important for dogs; today, we will talk about collars on two points.

What is the role of the collar?

From our point of view, buying a collar will make us feel that this is specially purchased for the lovely dog. Think this good-looking dog wear should be excellent; they feel satisfied on the line, so you do not consider the dog’s feelings. Medium-sized dogs and above will grow with age. The thickness of the neck will also change. Just from the appearance of choice, if you have been wearing an inappropriate collar, it will make the dog feel pressure because of the sense of anxiety, but also affect our education of the dog. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars Dog collars are roughly divided into [belt collar] [buckle collar] [chain collar] [back strap collar] [nail collar] [insect repellent collar] 6 kinds. Master the characteristics of the respective collars, and choose the better for your dog.

Collar material

There are many different materials for pet collars on the market. Generally more common are: nylon, leather, and iron collars of these three materials. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars From the comfort of the leather collar, a nylon collar is more suitable for dogs. The iron collar is more complex. Encounter unexpected situations may hurt the dog. Commonly used collar styles are strip-type collars and inhibit chains. The strip-type collar is more convenient to take off and wear, basically does not affect the dog’s activities, and is also convenient to hang dog tags.

Collar types are divided into what

1. Belt collar

The most common type is OK for any dog because it is more durable and recommended for dogs of medium size and above with solid strength. Leather is the mainstream. The structure is the same as the belt used by people. Even if the dog grows, it can be adjusted to the correct size by giving it a hole, which is the point of the leash collar. However, because it is leather, the disadvantages of water also exist. After a walk on a rainy day needs to be well dried and other cared for.


2. Collar with buckle

It is recommended for small dogs. Because the price is relatively cheap, it is also suitable for puppies that are growing fast. The material is made of cloth, and there seems to be a lot of plastic where it is to be fixed. Because the material is more, so there are more choices. The disadvantage is that the plastic part is easy to damage. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

3. Chain collar

Suitable for powerful dogs or large dogs. Chain collar made of metal, no tight feeling, like putting a necklace on the dog. Generally used to tie on dogs with rally habits, it is best to receive professional coaching first when using it. Because it is cold and heavy, it is difficult to get used to the dog. also, try to put on the dog before buying it.

4. Back belt collar

Small dogs are used more often, and the harness collar has a cute and unique style, like putting clothes on the dog. Many owners will buy this kind of collar; the benefit of the back strap collar is good tolerance, not easy to cause physical injury to the dog, and is a better choice.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

5. Spike collar

And the leather collar is very similar, adding some nails. The material is also basically leather, nylon, etc. The spike collar looks more dominant and suitable for fierce-looking dogs to wear; the spikes of this collar are also designed to keep the dog from breaking free. Some owners may think that this is a decorative role; in fact, not so.

6. insect repellent collar

Like this collar in the cat, the yoke is more common, and a dog insect repellent collar is relatively rare. The role of this collar, as the name implies, is used to repel worms on the dog, such as parasites and other parasites on the surface of the dog’s body. It is a more practical collar functional. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

Collar size

The size of the collar mainly depends on the size of the dog. We can combine the circumference of the dog’s neck to choose a collar about 4-125px longer than the circumference of the dog’s neck can be. Dogs will try to break free of the collar because they do not adapt, so wait for them to adjust slowly. Note that the collar is only used for dog walking or outwearing; then, we can take off the dog collar at home. This will not only reduce the dog collar and dog hair friction caused by hair loss, skin diseases, and other problems but also reduce the dog’s sense of restraint and more importantly, prevent the risk of choking caused by other things hanging. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

How to adjust the size of the collar

The type of collar is important, but the size is also important. If it is too small, the dog will feel stressed body will collapse. Also, too big may cause problems such as falling off during walks, so it is important to match the right size. There are three points to measure the size as follows. Measure the size around the head and the neck, and the surplus state of 2 fingers is the best size.

  • When measuring the size around the head, lift the ears to measure.
  • In the case of a long-haired breed, measure the hair well apart.
  • We hope that the collar of the right size will be comfortable for your dog daily.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

What if the dog does not like the collar?

If you want to wear a collar, it is better to start getting used to it when you are a puppy. Although there are dogs that accept collars easily, there are also dogs that hate collars, so if you don’t like it, follow the stages below to get him used to it.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

First stage

Gently wrap a large handkerchief, rope, etc., around the dog’s neck. The initial effect of tying with a large handkerchief and rope is to let the dog feel this restraint and adapt quickly. Because it is easiest to get used to when you are a puppy, start when you are a puppy if you can.

Phase 2

Touch the collar to make it accustomed to the sense of touch. Do not put the collar on suddenly, but touch the collar to the dog’s neck like a large handkerchief and a rope to let it feel.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

Stage 3

Wearing a collar for too long can be stressful for the dog, so owners should practice ahead of time to get the collar on smoothly. The timing of the collar is essential, so put it on as soon as the dog is concentrating on eating.

How do you choose a suitable and comfortable collar for your dog?

Almost every dog owner for the dog to buy the first thing is the collar from the market, these products are also a wide range of words, from the price of $5 to $500 hundreds of dollars, in addition to the difference in material, in the style is also a variety of.

The essence of the collar is the same and is used to control the dog’s behavior effectively. The face of the dazzling collar, some tough to choose; today Wade to tell you how to determine the collar better.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

  • 1.  We use the purpose of the collar to effectively prevent the dog from breaking free, especially in outdoor traction dog time.
  • 2. Traction more than 20 pounds of medium and large dogs. The coil must be able to sturdy.
  • 3. The dog collar can be used daily as an accessory, regardless of indoor and outdoor, and can always have been with, must avoid wear skin.
  • 4. Durability is an essential thing.

These points are critical. We are in the choice of collar, is a must need to pay attention to.

What are the hazards of not choosing a suitable collar?

If you do not choose a suitable collar, you are generally prone to the following problems: poor breathing, blood transport, muscle strain, spinal injury, and skin and hair damage. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

1. Cause the dog to breathe poorly

If the dog collar is tightly tied, the dog’s trachea will be compressed, resulting in poor breathing. If the dog is naughty and pulls you forward, it further compresses the trachea and can quickly become dangerous. If you keep it with the collar, the dog runs around, accidentally hooked by other things, and may also cause suffocation.

2. Interfere with blood transport

Dog collars should not be worn for a long time. The dog’s neck has arteries and veins, and long-term wear will affect blood circulation, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in slow cell metabolism, and damage to the dog’s body function.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

3. cause muscle strain

When the owner pulls the rope, the dog’s neck is removed, which will also involve the muscles and ligaments above the dog’s neck; often pulling, the muscles and ligaments will become overworked and strained, and if excessive force is exerted, it will also lead to muscle strain.

4. cause spinal injury

Often pulling the dog’s neck so that the dog to the opposite direction of movement will also cause a lot of pressure on the spine, which may lead to herniated discs. The dog’s spinal nerve from the middle of the spinal bone through the spine. If too much force results in misalignment of the spine, the dog’s nerves will also be damaged. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

5. cause skin and hair damage

Collars are available in leather, nylon, and iron. Some dogs will be allergic to the collar material, causing hair loss and itching problems. Some collars are too thick, too heavy, too hard, and often rub against the neck, which may cause the dog’s neck skin wear, producing subcutaneous bruises and other problems. Some long-haired dogs that wear collars all the time can also cause the hair on the neck to be compacted and lose its original richness, affecting the aesthetic appeal.

Several types of dog collars and their advantages and disadvantages

1. Flat leather collar

This kind of collar is similar to the human belt, it is a flat piece. Advantages: worn on the neck is very snug, and the pet dog will be very comfortable. Disadvantages: Because of the large contact area with the neck, dogs with long hair and not easily tied may cause the dog’s hair to be tied around the neck. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

2. Columnar leather collar

This type of collar is like rolling the leather into a tube and then sewing it on, so the collar becomes a small cylinder. Advantages: overcome the disadvantages of the flat leather collar because this collar on the neck contact area is small and can be rolled, so it is not easy to make the hair knotted.

Disadvantages: Because of the small contact area, it will not be comfortable when the owner pulls the dog hard. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

3. Nylon collar

The material of this collar is nylon. The price is usually cheaper than the leather. Advantages: nylon collar is lighter, unlike leather, so wear on the neck feels very heavy. Bright colors, many styles, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: easy to wear static electricity, and to be more sturdy, usually made thicker. In addition, this nylon is traditionally woven with thick nylon thread, easy to hair or hanging silk.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

4. Chain collar

A chain collar is basically for large dogs. Some small dogs in the competition will also use this collar, the chain is very thin and can be hidden in the pet dog’s hair, does not look obvious, and will not affect the aesthetic. Pros: It is pretty strong and not easy to cause knots in the hair of the dog’s neck. The collar is skinny and does not affect the original appearance of the dog at all for long-haired dogs. Disadvantages: It feels too strong and not cute. If you ignore maintenance, it is easy to rust, not only does not look good and stains the pet dog’s neck hair.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

How to choose a leash for your dog

  • 1. If your dog is a small adult dog, or is obedient and well-behaved cute character. Then the dog collar, chest and back, and retractable traction can be used. In the leash, collar and retractable traction of the small degree of wear and tear, and if the dog is obedient and there are few people in the open grass, retractable traction can expand the dog’s range of activities.
  • 2. If your dog is wild and a little uncontrolled, the X-shaped chest strap will fit perfectly and protect the dog’s soft fur, so you won’t be afraid to hurt it when you pull the dog.
  • 3. If the dog loves to bite the leash, it needs to be equipped with a stainless steel connecting rope, so that the part near the dog is a stainless steel chain, but also to prevent easy to bite off.
  • 4. unstable personality, like to burst large dogs must use saddle-shaped chest back with foam handle, easy to close control.
  • 5. For small and medium-sized, especially hairy small dogs, mesh chest strap is enough, both breathable not stuffy, and with mesh leash overall lightweight, reduce the pressure on the dog, but also to protect the chest thin skin, a multi-benefit.
  • 6. Raise Tibetan mastiff, Castro, Rottweiler and other such fierce dogs need to use a thick full iron chain.
  • 7. For those short-nosed dogs, such as pugs, toy poodles (sensitive trachea), chest straps are relatively safer.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

How to DIY dog collar?

1. Dog collar materials

  • (1) scraps of cotton (collar table cloth)
  • (2) nylon webbing (collar lining)
  • (3) plastic buckle (similar to the backpack buckle things)
  • (4) metal D-ring (used to connect the drawstring)
  • (5) pulling rope (leather, nylon rope or webbing can be)
  • (6) metal hook and loop (used to connect the leash and collar)

2. Dog collar production

  • (1) cut the cotton fabric, about 2 times the width of the nylon webbing and then add a sewing part.
  • (2) Wrap the cotton fabric around the webbing and sew it together to become the main collar fabric.
  • (3) Insert a D-ring into one end of the main fabric, then insert a buckle, and sew it together to fix it.
  • (4)Thread the main fabric’s other end into the buckle’s other end and sew it together.
  • (5) Sew (or tie) the drawstring to the metal hook and loop.
  • (6) This completes the dog collar and drawstring production. The collar and drawstring are buckled and can be taken off anytime.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

Does the puppy need a collar?

Puppies do need to wear collars. For young dogs, many owners can’t bear to put a collar and leash on them. Everyone would think putting a collar and leash on a puppy would be cruel. But that’s just human empathy for dogs somehow. It is the best time for a dog to learn to wear a collar as a puppy because it allows the puppy to develop a habit. At the same time, a good collar can have a positive effect, reducing the stress on the dog and protecting its organs. Not to mention avoiding the problem of lost dogs.

When is the right time to put a collar on your dog?

This time depends on the dog’s condition, generally speaking, at least after 2-3 months. The best option is to let your dog try on the collar for the first time after vaccinations and before you go out for the first time. If the dog is older, it is best to try it on after it has been home for a week and has essential trust in its owner.

How do I try to put a collar on my puppy?

First, the owner needs to give the dog a sniff of the collar and reward the dog when they are willing to touch the collar. Then slowly let the dog’s head pass through the collar and gradually get the dog to accept the “strange collar” around his neck. Note that the collar should not be too close to the puppy but should be kept with a finger to ensure that the dog cannot break free. If the dog expresses dissatisfaction with the collar, then all the owner has to do is quickly remove the collar. As for the dog’s wearing time, it is necessary to increase gradually. You can’t roughly let the dog wear it for a long, long time at once. It is best to put on the collar when interacting with the dog or when rewarding the dog with a snack so that the dog understands that the collar is not a “bad thing” but rather a good thing that can bring them joy. 10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

Things to note about wearing a collar on a puppy

Not too loose

How to adjust the collar on a small dog is a problem that troubles many owners. After all, too loose can cause the dog to break free, and too tight is stressful for the dog. So the owner may need to observe the dog’s behavior to adjust the collar’s tightness.

Check the collar of large dogs often

As a human, there is no way to imagine how fast large dogs develop. Perhaps after two to three weeks, a new collar will be needed. For dogs, collars are a consumable item, often needing to be replaced for various reasons.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

Don’t add a leash until your dog is used to it

Owners should not rush to add a leash to their dogs until they are fully used to the collar. It’s best to wait until the dogs are used to the collar before adding a leash to them and walking in familiar places like home, and then take them out later. After all, for a puppy, an item it can not understand will tie to its action, is to brings it stress. So we need to give the dog some time to adapt.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

Because of the fragility of the puppy, the owner needs to deal with this matter carefully and cautiously. I hope to give owners not to give up on getting their puppy at home to adapt to the collar because they are afraid of the hassle. After all, puppies are more likely to adapt and accept it.

10 Best Fancy Female Dog Collars

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What size collar for 8 week old labrador

Labrador is usually an adult Labrador when he is about 6 months old, and when we buy something, we can just follow the standard of adult Labrador.

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