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Pets are our best friends and we need to treat them well.

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We must have a lot of good daily life with our pet dogs, or cats or other pets, how do you spend your daily life?

Let’s share our stories together, talk about how dogs are trained, how to bathe, how to eat, what to do when they are sick, etc., and try to get along better with our pet friends.

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How Should Dogs Bathe?

How Should Dogs Bathe?

The secretions of the dog’s sebaceous glands have an unpleasant odor. These secretions have the characteristics of oil, if the skin and coat accumulate more,

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What happens when roadside veterinarian examines pet's body?

Answer: You may be able to drive up to the clinic for your appointment and call the staff from your car. Your vet may examine your cat or dog while the animal stays with you inside your car. If they need to use equipment in the clinic, they may check you in and then take your pet inside for an exam… “

Answer: Be sure not to overfeed your cat. If she seems to be putting on weight, give her a can of wet food just at mealtimes instead of letting her graze all day long on a bowl of dry food.

Answer: As long as you keep the portions in check, it’s fine to offer some human food to your pet. To help keep their weight in check, keep bites from the table as small as your pinky fingernail. Those calories count in your pet’s diet, too… “

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What Our Friend Say

We have selected three friends’ stories, if you have more stories, please feel free to leave a comment with us too.

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Friends Share

I am very good friends with Kukki, we often play together, play ball together, I bathe him, build his nails, tidy up his fur, and every time I come home from work, seeing Kukki always takes away the tiredness of the day.


I have a golden retriever, his name is Fraction, he is three years old this year, he is very partial bright, he likes to play ball most, every time I take Fraction to play ball, it is the happiest time for him, I hope Fraction can always grow up healthy and healthy.


My dog is always an Alaskan, he looks very cute, he always likes to pamper me, when he was small, I often hold him, but now he is 50kg, I can not hold it anymore!